September 30, 2010

lovely afternoon.

my thursday afternoon has been spent watching i love lucy and sewing away on a new bag! i needed something cute and small to take to razorback games (woo pig sooie) that if in the off chance it got dirty, i could just toss it in the washer. good thing this bag is coming a weekend too late! we were cheering on the hogs and all of a sudden we realized that there was some sort of liquid dripping down the stands. so happy to say that my bag got wet and probably nasty with all that is found in a stadium with almost 80,000 people! 

needless to say, this bag will be perfect and my choice for the next few home games! i love how it turned out! it's lined with a golden yellow and is so cheery on the inside! 

a couple of things-one: the zipper is actually a darker tan color than the creamy white that is pictured. two: ignore my old lady really turning into my grandma!

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