welcome to common threads! so glad you popped in & took a look around. i'm ashley and i live in lovely oklahoma with my cute husband, A. i really LOVE my Lord and Savior, my wonderful hubs, sewing & crafting, anything handmade, anything vintage,country music, driving with my windows down, chocolate & dr. pepper (most crafty days include my beverage of choice), polka dots & cardigans, toms shoes, the razorbacks & football, making lists on post-it notes, daffodils, sunshine, & a number of other things that would make this page much too long. 

engagement picture shot by miles boyer

common threads was created back in 2009. my mom taught me to sew way back when & i picked it up again as a creative outlet in college. since that summer, it has grown into a custom order business/excuse to create wonderful, fun things! it allows me to do something with my hands, be productive, & have fun all at the same time. the process becomes so much more joyful & fun when i get to create lovely things for others!

my current favorite color and project.

 i do love getting to read a good blog in between projects. my favorites include:


among the many things i sew, the most popular are the t-shirt blankets, tote bags, clutches, and aprons.
(all pictured above)


i would love, love, love to hear from you!
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