December 8, 2010

for mom.

my mom just might be the hardest person to shop for. seriously. she always says "i don't need anything" but duh, you have to get something for your mom, right? anyways, she owns her own business and is always bringing things to and from home and the store, so i thought she might enjoy a new bag to carry it all in! i found this great green print that just looks like her and then lined it with a tough khaki fabric. it'll hold up and is big enough to carry anything she could ever want! merry christmas, mom. sure hope you don't take a look at the blog!

1 comment:

  1. My mom owns her own business, is the hardest person to shop for, and I made her a bag for Christmas which I now want to copy for myself. Except hers is a red floral oilcloth with black and cream stripes for the lining. I'm such a bag coveter. Great gift! :)