January 17, 2011

my weekend...

...included sewing. alot. i mean, alot. three new tote bags (with extra pockets!), a brand new clutch design, and a finished blanket! whoa. thankful for a husband who didn't mind the noise coming from my little corner all.weekend.long. 

my wonderful mother-in-law called this past week wanting a small tote to give as a baby shower present-something that a cute, new mom would toss her keys, wallet, phone, and a few diapers in to make a QUICK run to the store. new moms don't want to carry a huge diaper bag with them everywhere, right? :) and a huge plus: this bag will be able to be used as a church bag when sweet baby b gets older! toss crayons, a coloring book, and a few snacks in and he'll be good to go!
anyways, this is what came from that conversation: a dark denim bag lined with a green/brown plaid to match the nursery. two pockets on the inside and a large pocket divided into two sections in the front. i lined it with interfacing and it is a STURDY little bag! the denim + interfacing just make it so strong. 

to go along with this bag, i added this fun clutch. i'm super excited to see this design in a fun, bright color! the fabric coordinates with the bag above and can be used to store coupons/receipts/little extras. 

thanks to this wonderful idea, i made this PRECIOUS bag for my cousin's new little baby. seriously, i want to keep it for myself! just one pocket on the inside and a large one on the front with a cute monogram detailing. the color isn't reading super well...the liner is a soft pink that matches the pink flower details. picture a cute toddler walking into church with this bag and you'll just die from the cuteness!

and just finished this morning is this bag for the bestie. she found this FAB fabric at a store in dallas and i'm super jealous. go you. 

this might have to be the absolute longest post i've ever written! good thing it's #100! writing posts every week is slowly getting easier and i love getting to sew new projects to share with you!

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