February 25, 2011

oh, so new.

thanks to the same best friend who sent me the best care package yesterday, i have a new creation! she had been looking for a birthday present for another friend and sent me a few ideas, one being a super cute flat iron cover. i didn't have one, my sister didn't have one, and my sister-in-law needed a new one. that's just the recipe for a new project, right? :) after a few attempts to find the perfect material (i.e. driving across tulsa too many times to count), i finally found the heat resistant material i needed! the rest is in the books and i finished 3 covers this morning! 

super fun print to match my make-up bag. coordinating makes me happy.

super fun for my sister-in-law. love.
view of the inside lining: a perfect pink polka dot.
what do you think? should i count this as a great new creation?!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! You inspire me to be crafty... or at least to DREAM of being crafty ;)