February 4, 2011

productivity at it's best.

day four of the snow. cabin fever is setting in and i'm realllllllllllly hoping that the snow that is currently falling will not prevent my sweet hubs from taking me to hobby lobby after he gets off work. i need interaction with people and the outside world. old episodes of mary tyler moore are helping me get through today though!

since being snowed in has given me an abundance of free time, i've had the chance to complete several projects! lovely make-up bags for my cousins, a diaper wipe holder for one of the same cousins, headbands for several people, an owl for courtney, my crazy quilt layout, and two different patchwork squares that will eventually be sewn onto pillow fronts. not too mention, i've organized all of my common threads files and am getting ready to build a spreadsheet for my orders! yay!

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