February 17, 2011

thursday love.

i really hope the weather is not just playing tricks on us. 78 degrees and sunny? please, sunshine, don't ever leave! i was out running some errands this afternoon and just had to have the windows down and the country music up. it is too perfect to not enjoy it! so grateful.

today i am lovin' this tutorial. can't wait to "officially" figure out how to sew a zipper in!

found here.
what are you loving today?


  1. Ashley, you are so inspiring with all your projects and cute ideas. You are so creative. Yes zippers are tricky!! Took me more than a few tries to get them right. Wish we lived close to each other so we could have sewing parties together!

  2. Tiffany, you're just too sweet! Living close to each other would be so fun and I'm sure our little sewing parties would be the best thing in the world! :)