March 29, 2011

etsy favorites

cold. rainy. dreary. not exactly what i wanted to wake up to (again) this morning, but i'll take it--especially if this weekend is going to be warm & sunny. very excited about our weekend getaway coming up!

i've found myself really enjoying birds these days--i think i'm turning into my grandma. she had two bird feeders hung just outside her kitchen window; it was fun to watch for the chickadees as they flew in. binoculars & bird books rounded out her counter so i think i can safely say i know where my love of birds comes from. there is something just so cheery & bright when you wake up to birds chirping away in the morning. combine it with the smell of fresh cut grass, warm temps, & a beautiful sunrise? please & thank you. 

it shouldn't be a surprise by now that this week's etsy favorites features lovely birds. enjoy!

found here

found here
found here
happy tuesday!

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  1. you should learn to speak bird! it's not too hard :)