March 9, 2011

it starts with coffee.

somehow some of the simplest things in life lead me straight to some of the most important things. funny how that works. today, it's coffee. when poured into my favorite mug, it reminds me of my grandma. she had a cup of coffee (ok, more like 10), her Bible, and her chair by the window. we walked in to her living room so many mornings to see her there reading the Word and starting her day right. i'm so thankful for her; she passed on a legacy of faith to our small family. this month marks seven years since she went to heaven. i know she is praising the LORD right now and  i like to think she is doing this side by side with my dad, both grandpas, her sisters, and her brother! thankful for the hope in the saving grace of Jesus.
one of my favorite pictures of grandma and me. LOVE.
every day is filled with memories of her and my grandpa. they were the only two grandparents i knew and i miss them so much. now that i'm older (maybe wiser? who knows), i can see how the Lord used them in growing my faith and my family's faith. thankful, thankful, thankful.

grandpa g and me.

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  1. love this :) and so excited to see you next week!