May 6, 2011


friday may be one of my favorite days of the week. the first day of the weekend. no work (well, today anyways). a play day. love.

my day was spent sewing several aprons, getting invites ready for a very special reception, and riding around our golf course enjoying the sun & watching the hubs play a round. perfect.
except now i think my legs are burnt...i can feel the heat radiating from them.

ignore me and take a peek at my ptljcif favorites for the week.

homemade popcorn? in a bag? LOVE.
found here.

keith urban, i HEART you.
summer is not summer without you.
thanks to audra for introducing us. you're the best.
found here.

the most perfect kitchen nook. the chairs. the yellow. the table.
aboslutely wonderful.
found here via here via here.

happy weekend!

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