May 13, 2011

rolling in the deep.

it's grey & dreary here in oklahoma today. thankful though for a day off, time to rest, interview for a new job, and later, to have dinner with friends. emotions have been running high here for the last week or two--turning to the Lord in prayer & finding fun ways to relax while running around town. the internet always provides a fun diversion, and, more often then not, results in my ptljcif favorites.

BIG fan of this piece of art. it WILL find a place in our future home.
and, thanks to pinterest, i now know where to find it.
found here.
found here thanks to here.

my next craft project. i've had a curio cabinet lying around
with no purpose. thanks to this idea, i'm making my
own jewelry display.
found here thanks again to here.

our future living room, don't even worry.
found here via here.
last, but not least: a new favorite song.

head on over to xuan's blog today her arkansas take on ptljcif!

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