June 17, 2011

summer candy.

i had all these great (ok, maybe just great in my mind) posts written
this week & totally forgot to hit "publish."
score 1 for blogger. can i blame it on a busy week? yes? ok, thanks.

weekend plans include: sleeping in, getting some sun,
completing step #1 of a t-shirt blanket, grocery shopping,
a new recipe for dinner, & mini-golf with the hubs.

ok. on to the good stuff!
such good favorites this week here in oklahoma.
you'd better be sure to check out the favorites in arkansas!

not forgotten. continually praying for my hometown.
hope you are too.
found here.

go pioneer woman go. seriously, you're a fav.
recipe & photo found here.

flea marketing to find a door like this ASAP.
found here thanks to here.

big fan of this bag.
found here via here.

oh, and this song. perfect.

happy weekend!

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