July 20, 2011

headbands for kerrie.

ok, yall, are you ready for this?

i've professed my love for these headbands for months now.
super comfortable, super cute, & the perfect summer (let's face it, any season will do) accessory.

i love them. my besties love them. kerrie loves them.
here's what's going down.

i'm starting a month long (maybe two or three plus) fundraiser for kerrie.
$5 of each headband sold is going to help with kerrie's medical expenses.
think you can help me out with this project?
please, say yes. it's a win-win for everyone!

the picture below shows the different color options.
all you have to do to is choose one, send me an email & you're set!
they are $7 (shipping included) each.

light grey, dark grey, razorback red, mustard yellow,
coral, teal blue, light purple, pale pink, khaki, & olive green.

ready? GO!


  1. Ashley, i hope that this is where i place an order... can i order 1 headband (for now) once i get paid ill be ordering a lot :) but with teal blue for all three flowers.

    Hannah Gurney

  2. hannah,

    just now came across this post! if you're still interested, please send me an email at: sewingcommonthreads@gmail.com.