July 9, 2011

a little bit stronger.

what a week. emotional highs & lows coming and going.
thankfully though, we did ended the week on good news!
kerrie is being recommended to Baylor's rehab program &
hopefully we'll get the go ahead early this coming week!
it's been exciting to see the progress that she has made throughout the week.
kerrie is a little bit more alert & able to interact with nurses & her parents.
we're still praying for SO many things to come together.
keep praying too, ok?!
my hands were kept busy this week with several sewing projects!
kat's blanket is DONE. my t-shirt blanket is DONE.
a NEW cute, striped pillow (with a semi-hidden zipper) is DONE.
nola's blanket is being finished today.
next up: morgan's ruffly headband & a blanket being given as a sweet goodbye gift.
check back next week for pictures of it ALL!
it has been such a great time getting back into the swing of sewing & creating lately!
onto the oklahoma edition of ptljcif.
yall HAVE to see xuan's arkansas edition, k?
in LOVE with this chair. and the one in the background.
starting to really love the mix of patterns used.
found here via here.
darn cute.
found here via here.
incredible reminder.
found here via pinterest.
easy weekend project?
found here via pinterest.
happy weekend!

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