July 15, 2011

stuck like glue.

thankful for the end of another week & the promise of a good weekend!
this year is absolutely FLYING by-who knew august was so close?!
school supplies are starting to pop up here & there-so ridic.
p.s. can i just say that i'm always sad when school starts & i don't get to get new school supplies?
there's something fun about it all--maybe it's the organizational nerd in me.

annnnnnnyways, back on track.
oklahoma edition of ptljcif is up.
be sure to hop on over for xuannie's arkansas edition.

thanks to melissa, i now have the perfect
tutorial for bleaching fabric!
on my list: a muslin tote bag for our beach trip.
found here.

oh my gosh. a mason jar lamp?
my heart is gone.
found here via pinterest.

well, hello, perfect outfit.
shopping trip this weekend? yes.
found here via pinterest.

i married a soccer guy & also spent much of 1999 wanting to be a soccer star.
that means our weekend plans DEFINITELY include soccer.
found here.

 happy weekend.
be sure to check back on monday for a new project, k?!

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