August 5, 2011

love done gone.

yall, i'm addicted.
country music is just the ONLY way to spend my daily commute to & from work.
my fellow drivers have got to think i'm a nut case when they look
over & see me jammin' out to my songs.
seriously. i know i'm cool.

thankful for: a friday. a weekend of travels.
chats with friends via email, twitter, & text.
the promise of fun future weekend plans.
road time with the hubs.
knowing that the Lord has us in His hands.

on to this week's faves.
be sure to check in with xuan too!

fall needs to come NOW.
this outfit is absolutely perfect.
found here.

football is BACK, baby.
love, love, love.
found here.

can you own 4 pairs of toms?
i think i need one more pair.
found here.

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