November 12, 2011

early in the morning.

yall. the sun isn't even up yet...and i am. hello, 5:45.
thanks for getting me up so early today.
big weekend ahead: heading to fayetteville for the LAST home game of the year (cue tears), seeing dear friends, cheering on the hogs, and celebrating the win with a long drive home to THIS beauty:

don't even worry, we BOUGHT A HOUSE! eeek!
cleaning, painting, and lining the shelves this week before moving.

posting is probably going to be super light this coming week. forgive me?!
i'll try to pop in with some of my usual posts AND to
show you a presh tshirt blanket just finished.
can't seriously believe we have a house. holy moly.
oh, and puhlease, check out xuan's ptljcif arkansas edition!

adding this to my DIY list. christmas presents, anyone?
found here via here.

paint colors? done.
well, at least for the master bedroom.
found here.

our to-do list is growing, growing, growing. can't wait to get started.
happy saturday!
go hogs go!

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