November 4, 2011


i had a tiny little meltdown on the phone with my bestie tonight. tears don't come easily for me (& i'm totally ok with that). every couple of months, i'll get really emotional & cry, but other than that, tears don't really make their way to the surface all that often.

overcome with stress, to-do lists, a fear of not being intentional enough, worries & anxieties about not quite fitting in yet here in our new (a year and a half is still new, right?!) state, and the general toll of the week brought tears. i was thankful for sunglasses so the other drivers didn't see some hysterical girl with mascara running down her face. thankful for a best friend who listened & understood. thankful that the Lord brought the tears to surface so i could move on & embrace the end of the week.

that said, i'm currently typing this from the comfort of my bed. lounging in leggings (no hoodie tonight, diana, maybe next time...just for you) with a cup of hot chocolate sitting nearby. typing my heart. hoping to overcome worries of "do they see the real me?" "am i doing this right?" "is anyone listening?" the art of blogging is growing in me. i hope that shows.

this weekend? no big, just homecoming. it's a brenof reunion (best roommate ever night of fabulous, duh. are you telling me you didn't know that acronym?!) and it's going to be aaamazing. can't wait to hug their necks.

xuan's edition of ptljcif is here. yall just have to check it out.
my favorites are below.
happy weekend.

hugging EACH of you tomorrow. can't wait.
p.s. can we go back to the beach, please?!

add these to my DIY list. presh, presh, presh.
found here via here.

a girl can't have too many pairs of boots, can she?
the chocolatey brown ones are a must have!
found here via here.

i have kitchen nooks on the brain right now. this is absolutely perfect.
found here via here.

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