December 31, 2011

always hope.

a very happy new year to you! with just hours to go, i'm tucked in with family enjoying some down time. it's been an incredible year for us--we survived a huge snowstorm, we celebrated our first year of marriage, a long, long job search finally came to an end with a great new job for me, we grew as a family through kerrie's accident and recovery, we bought a house, we celebrated with family. 

highs & lows. good & bad. grace & mercy. thank you, Jesus, for every single thing You brought our way. thankful to lean on You alone through it all. 

excited about the coming year-so many fun things on the horizon & i can't wait to share them all with you! sewing projects, home improvement ideas, and even a NEW website. hoping to launch this in the next week or so with some fun surprises along the way! 

enjoy tonight. hope 2012 is merry & bright & happy. 

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