December 10, 2011

let them eat cake.

someone special is turning 25 today. eeeek! 25. it's hard to type that and truly believe it--mostly because my own 25th is coming up next week. how in the world can we be a quarter of a century old?

happy birthday, hubs.

today is going to be filled with relaxing and celebrating-and hopefully there will be cake too-we love, love, love cake.


ready for my ptljcif favorites? christmas on the brain = you getting a peek inside my head. annnd, go. be sure to check out dear xuan's picks for the week too.

pretty, pretty wrapping. goal for next year, ok?
found here.

hellooooo, vintage christmas. i LOVE.
found here via here.

christmas craft? maybe i can squeeze it in this year.
found here via here.

umm, YES. these are definitely going on my christmas craft list.
found here via here.

happy weekend, friends. i'm off to find coffee and pancakes.

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