December 17, 2011

this everyday love.

one week. one week. one week.

who can believe christmas is right around the corner? this year has absolutely flown by. it doesn't seem real that christmas is 8 days away & that 2012 is mere days after that. i don't know if i ever really understood how fast time could travel...those years in school sure drug along, but whoa-now i'm almost 7 years out of high school & 3 out of college. unreal. it all just seems like it was yesterday.

i think i tend to live in the past-or, at least, hold many of my favorite memories there. (obviously, thought, right? memories are things of the past, duh, ash.) maybe the more correct way to say this is that i tend to live in my memories. dreaming of days past, fun adventures & trips, moments of laughter, sweet family time, etc. grateful for those MANY memories & so excited for the coming days, months, & year to create even more memories. 2011 gave us so, so, so many blessings. thankful for whatever comes down our little path in the next year.


i realized this week after several friends asked (yes, you, you, & you!), that i've never filled yall in on the meaning of ptljcif. all credit goes to xuan for coining praise the Lord Jesus Christ it's friday. we joined forces (sounds SO official, right?!) several months back to post our weekly faves together-one from oklahoma & one from arkansas.

so, with coffee in hand, here are my ptljcif favorites for this lovely december weekend. hope you enjoy. be sure to check in with xuan's faves too, k?

i love, love, love these colors. basing my sewing room on them for sure.
found here via here.

going to try to convince hubs to help me recreate this look for my sewing machine.
smaller scale, yes, but this is perfect for the space we have.
found here via here.

using this tutorial to paint a rug. it's probably going
in the sewing room, because that just where things go these days.
found here via here.

hope yall have the best weekend.
i'm off to finish some sewing, shopping, & baking.
see you back here next week!

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