January 7, 2012

we found love.

sitting in my cozy chair after a fab day with the bestie (p.s. thanks again for coming. we're getting the Bible characters plates next time, k?!)-we've got a football game on & i'm about ready to dig in to my apple crumble pie. good day? yes. thankful for quiet weekends with fun trips around town & quiet nights tucked in. no plans, no agenda, no pressure to get our to-do list done. wonderful. tomorrow is filled with more down time-i'm expecting to get some sewing in & finish up some of those website edits i've been working on for the last few months!


ready for some ptljcif favorites? xuan's are here (hello, wonderfulness! so adding the file box to my growing "let's do this!" list.)

dying. we got our first REAL table this past week & now i'm dreaming of this.
what a perfect mix of colors!
found here via here.

why, yes, i love this idea.
some version of it is most definitely going in our gallery wall.
found here via here.

woo piggies. you made our friday night a GOOD one.
found here.


p.s. thanks, razorbacks, for the BEST season yet. cotton bowl champs!
can't wait for next year. this article got us all super excited.

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