February 10, 2010

something to think about.

as i was reading through my blogs this morning (please don't ask me how many i have, it's embarassing), i came across two different posts from bloggers that just hit home with me.

the first thought comes from dandee at my favorite things. she and her family have adopted this statement for 2010.

i wonder just how often many of us forget that we are not alone in this world. that we are not the only ones who have a "hard" time of it. that we are so very blessed in comparision with those who have so little. i kept reading and came to brooke's post. WOW! what a reminder from the Lord that we should "never tire of doing what is right" (2 thessalonians 3:13). i shouldn't be down in the dumps because of a bad day or because life just ISN'T going the way i want it to go. we are called to do good...to follow the Lord and to glorify His name!

doing right and doing what is good can very well go hand in hand. praise the Lord for this reminder today!


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