May 18, 2010

blankets, blankets, blankets!

ok, so really just two blankets today..not three! :) i do, though, have several more lined up and am ready to start on them tomorrow! for now, let's just see the two i finished up this afternoon! 

this first one is for my lovely little sister and is made up of the majority of her shirts from college heights christian school. what a walk down memory lane for her and me both-chcs saw us grow from tiny 1st graders to seniors in high school! 

this second blanket is for a dear friend, robyn! the first of her two blankets is made up of tshirts from her years as a razorback. love the color combination-and the fact that it is memories of the wonderful university of arkansas! 

up next: robyn's second blanket, two for stacy, and one for xuan

if you are interested, send me an email at looking forward to hearing from you!

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