April 18, 2011

make it. blog it. done.

this weekend (& today) saw so many projects being checked off the list.
done. done. done.
i get so excited to blog about things that i literally go from the last stitch on the machine, to the patio for pictures, & back to the computer to edit & post. efficient? i think so!

favorite shirt in lea's blanket. go cougars.

elina's blanket.

headbands for a couple of CUTE babies.

stacy's headband & 2 pins.

make-up bag for stacy.

deep purple necklace. so pretty.

next up: 2 more make-up bags & 2 flat iron covers for a sweet cousin.
new blog features will also be starting. etsy favorites will still be on tuesday but will only feature one item.
thursday loves is leaving us, but a new series with the lovely, lovely xuan will be taking its place (& will be posted every friday). still working with some other ideas, so keep checking back to see new things.

1 comment:

  1. Go Girl!! They all look so cute! Especially the ones for the babies. Really great idea. One day I may have to order something from you. :) Keep up the great work!