April 29, 2011

sunshine & summertime.

so, it's not really summertime yet, but it sure feels like it here in oklahoma. lovin' the sun & warm. give me 3 more months & i'll be adding the beach to the above sentence. it's days like today that make me dream of sun & sand.

ready for this week's oklahoma/arkansas adventure? let's go!

the most perfect way to start the day.
such a beautiful dress, a presh first kiss, & an oh so lovely couple.
found here.

future creative space. done & done.
love how it closes up and you'd never be the wiser.
found here via here.

this is quickly becoming my very
favorite show. seriously, LOVE.
found here.

now, it's back to enjoying the sunshine & my little footstool project! after pictures coming soon!
happy weekend!

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