April 27, 2011

two little bunnies...

...sitting on a stool. give me a sec & you'll totally get it.
sooo, remember when i posted this picture?

found here via here.

my mom came into town today to hang out for a bit & her amazing eyes spotted this stool (tucked behind & under a table) when we couldn't find a similar chair for a good price. go mom go. we walked around that store for almost 2 hours and FINALLY spotted something that would work. so excited.


bunnies sitting on the stool. cool, right?!

the next couple of days will see me with a paint brush, teal paint, fabrics, & modge podge.
be sure to check back for the afters (anything is better than the bunnies, right?)!

channeling my sister-in-law & wishing you a happy hump day!

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