May 20, 2011

the little things.

it's the little things that make days good. a friendly person, happy smiles, dr. peppers, & the promise of a weekend all make the day just a little bit better. i might even add that the internet makes me smile some days. nerdy, of course, but it really does. there are too many pretty things in our world for our own good.

ending the week right with another edition of arkansas/oklahoma ptljcif favorites. enjoy!

bright & bold stripes. simple leather handles.
perfect for the beach.
found here via here.

i'm seriously in LOVE.
pretty, simple, classic.
found here via here.

dying, just dying.
can you get any prettier?
it's going on my to-do list RIGHT NOW.
found here via here.
found here via here.

happy weekend.

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