August 12, 2011

crazy love.

another week is capped off with homemade fajitas & movie with the husband.
to make it ALL even better...FOOTBALL IS BACK.
granted, it is just preseason, but still. it's back.
i love summer but it doesn't come close to matching my joy for the fall season.

i'm excited for this coming week and the promise of productivity.
there are several new projects i am anxious to get started those
"usual" to-do items that are always fun to mark off my list.
this week has allowed me the chance to dream of new things & new methods
for my little business. i'm excited to be able to implement
them all in the coming weeks & months!
be sure to check back to see everything, ok?!

ptljcif faves for the week.
the arkansas edition can be found here at xuan's lovely space.

hello, grandma. these birds had me at first sight. so cute.
found here via here.
(oops! it's sold out now!)

love. just love. SO perfect.
wouldn't these look great with a yellow (or plum) patterned set of dishes? dreamy.
found here.

so appropriate given my thoughts this week.
i want to live a purposeful life-in the workplace, in our home, with my friends.
it's easy to lose focus on what is near & dear and simply focus on making it through another week...
...i want to face each day with determination. with a thankful heart. with PURPOSE.
found here via here.
big, big, BIG fans of office re-runs these days.
seriously, laughing so hard most evenings thanks to this lovely show.
found here.

hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

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