August 15, 2011

living with purpose.

last week found me doing a little bit of research within the field of social media for my job. i came across several new blogs and was inspired by this post, as well as this one--both of them giving inspiration for getting the most out my 8-5 job, but also providing a kick in the rear moment for me & common threads.

i then came across this quote & it just tied it all together for me.

yes, i did post this last week, but we're just going to go with it.
found here.
since the start of my first big-girl job this summer, i have been very focused on making it through to friday--not really conscious of much else rathering than trying to find a balancing act of work and home life. two months have passed & i'm determined (thanks to the above links) to make my days purposeful. i want to look beyond my fatigue at the end of a work day and not just sit at home in the evenings. maybe that is trying a new recipe, going on a bike ride with the hubs, spending some extra time crafting new things, or building on new friendships.

i want to do more. be more intentional.
i want to be bold. be brave.
i want to take a step out and really take a chance with my business.

new ideas are forming for different projects, more direct ways of promoting my products, & different ways of pushing myself to be successful. i want to realize my dream of owning my own business (seriously, when asked what i wanted to do with life, my 12 year old self answered with "i want to own my own business.") it's been a lifelong dream for sure & i'm excited to be able to see parts of it starting to come true!

i'm so grateful for YOU. yall have been faithful in reading and encouraging. you have helped SO much in getting common threads to the place it is today. two years and counting, yall. it's gone by fast and i'm thankful for every minute of every day. thanks for reading my jumble of thoughts & goals & dreams.

all this said: be on the look out for new things. they're coming.
it's going to be great.

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