August 19, 2011

where the blacktop ends.

thankful, thankful, thankful for today.
what a week: car problems (finally fixed-yay!), coordinating meet-ups after work, trying to stay on top of housework, laundry, and meals (and failing miserably), not to mention another heat wave making an appearance. ugh. 

productivity has been rare this week, but the last two days have seen significant progress towards this post.
next week will reveal a few new things, so be sure to check back, k?

this week's ptljcif: ready. set. GO.
xuan's edition can be found at her lovely site...just click here.

hello, cupcakes.
totally doing this for the next shower the bestie & i host.
yall, how cute is this?
found here.

i know i post toms ALL the time, but you've got to check these out.
my sweet new friend nicole paints them for additional load of cuteness!
details and pictures are here.

oh so lovely.
this is perfect.
found here via here.

off for one last day of work & then a fun trip to see family!
happy weekend!

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