September 25, 2011

someone like you.

whoa, hello, late post! friday saw me leaving straight from work for fayetteville and i had absolutely no time to post. maybe there is something to be said for doing a little work before i go out of town? ehh, oh well. i'm good with a random Sunday posting here and there (hope you are too!).

i had the best time this weekend: hammontrees with best friends. a sleepover with my bestie and dog nephew (hi troops!). ricks bakery. flea markets and vintage shops in siloam springs. a hair-dying adventure (dark hair is HERE!). watching a pitiful performance by our much loved hogs with the gutshalls. playing with baby emerson. see? so, so great.

thankful for the start of a new week with so many new opportunities coming down our path. praying for the Lord's hand in it all. so amazed at His goodness, grace, and mercy in our lives. this year has been one for the books--graduations, weddings, new jobs, kerrie's accident. ups and downs? yes. it's life and God didn't promise an easy life. trials and tribulations are a part of it all. we're just thankful that He never wavers and is a constant in our lives.

my ptljcif faves for the week! be sure to click on over to xuan's!

i'm loving everything fall these days. this looks like a perfect
edition to our cozy living room.
found here via here.

amazing, amazing reminder.
found here.

oh, hogs, you know how to break a girl's heart.
found here via here.

such a fan of this song-it is turned way up when i hear it on the radio.

happy sunday!

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