September 22, 2011

inspiration workshop: family room.

it's thursday! that means inspiration workshop with gussy sews! are you ready?

today's prompt is family rooms. now, i'm really supposed to show you what MY family room looks like, but i'm so not going to do that. breaking the rules? maybe. our family room is just not picked up, there isn't any good light, and i'm too lazy to take pictures of it at the, and this is my best excuse--it is NOWHERE near where i would eventually like it to be. we're in the process of saving for new furniture (and a house, duh) so i'm going to show you what i would love, love, love for our family room to look someday.

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warm and cozy. colorful. candles and unique lamps. i love the idea of have a neutral living room--the ability to change out decor with the seasons is so appealing to me. creams, olive greens, oranges in the fall...turquoises, corals, and yellows in the spring and summer. perfect. throw pillows everywhere. books stacked everywhere.

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shelves like that pictured above. pictures scattered. special momentos placed in just the right spot. warm paint colors on the wall. curtains that pop, but that don't pop too much. these ones below are just about perfect.

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as much as i love the pretty things pictured above, i really just want a place to call home. this room is the center of family and i want it to be a place where we all feel safe and secure. loved. cherished. i want happy memories to abound here. for our future kids to enjoy the time we spent together as a family. it needs to be a place of rest and togetherness. that's a family room.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. I love the couch in the first picture! It looks cozy, plush, and has plenty of space for everyone to sit and relax!