October 8, 2011

crazy girl.

it is a quiet saturday morning as i sit here and type this post. i can see the sun coming up and am ready to get some coffee in my hand. yes, don't even worry, my saturday morning choice of television does include ESPN. college gameday is coming soon and that's just the perfect way to start a full day of football. p.s. the hogs are ranked #10. and we play auburn. in fayetteville. i would say this is shaping up to be a fantastic day.

i've got big plans to go flea marketing with a sweet friend from church today. then it's on to arkansas and cheering on our hogs with so many great friends. back to joplin for sunday to say hi & bye to brother jordan before he leaves for italy for the next three years. throw in some more flea markets & you have one happy girl.

before i leave for the day, here are my favorites. xuan (see you oh, so soon, friend!) has hers too so you should definitely check them out.

i'm all about DIY projects right now. if you can do it yourself, why not? seriously, there is just something fun about it all. do you have any projects on your to-do list? share them below!

in our future home, we've got plans to make the office razorback central.
this will be a fab addition to the walls, wouldn't you say?
found here via here.

this beauty would look amazing on our entryway table.
maybe, just maybe, i'll come across the perfect globe
today at the flea markets.
found here via here.

BIG plans to make this lovely with xuannie.
what a great little skirt for the coming spring!
found here via here.

ok. off to get ready for the weekend. happy saturday. go hogs! beat auburn!

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