October 10, 2011

on the hunt.

as i mentioned in saturday's early morning post, i had big plans to go flea marketing this weekend. needless to say, i was way successful, not to mention, anna & i discovered an amazing shop. we're so making this a regular stop on our weekend adventures.

after finding a cute little ceramic christmas tree & a christmas present for mom...oh, & anna's amazing yellow bowl score...we stumbled upon this lovely.

sewing desk for a future entryway? done.
hello, pretty.

$38 later....yes, just $38, she was a snyder! my poor little camry couldn't handle such a purchase so it had to spend just one more night at the shop. i'm so excited to see this piece in action someday soon! a stack of classic books, this globe, and a pretty lamp might just all find their way to a new home here.

ok, i should be honest. this next find was compliments of my mom--and was purchased last week. oops. that still counts, right? a brand new (huge) shop just opened up in town and is definitely going on my "have to stop here every trip home" list.

my heart just went pitter patter.
seriously, in.love.

so ready to be able to put these pieces to good use in the future.
my decorating mind is running wild these days.
so! what about you? any fun finds lately?

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