October 23, 2011

hip to my heart.

annnnnd, hello, late girl. i had good intentions to post yesterday but that just didn't happen. football, relaxing, and fabric flowers held my attention for most of the day & i'm really ok with that. productivity did show its face late in the afternoon with records being updated & pictures snapped for future posts. yesterday really just was the perfect saturday. wonderful. oh, and the hogs won (a WAY too close game for me) so our spirits were high. woo pig.

so what's on the slate for the coming week? sister & boyfriend are coming today. work, of course. starting on christmas presents for my brother & his wife. finishing off a new group of headbands. painting mason jars. expect a post on that particular project soon.

here are my ptljcif favorites for the week. my dear friend, xuan, has her favorites posted. seriously, they're fab. click over, puhlease.

wouldn't this be a cuute laundry basket?
give me this one over a plastic one ANY day.
this is going on my DIY list.
found here via here.

going on my to do list NOW.
i LOVE it.
found here via here.

re-kindling a love of lucy.
thanks, mom, for the entire series on dvd.
found here.

off to drink my coffee & enjoy today. hope you do the same!

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