October 20, 2011

inspiration workshop: accessories.

i'm a pretty laid back (or cheap, take your pick!) person when it comes to accessories. my jewelry case is not so full these days, but the pieces i do have are special. outside of my wedding rings (hellooooo, sparkly!) & an engraved thumb ring (i've worn it for YEARS--never take it off), this pretty locket is really the only other piece that i wear on a semi-regular basis.

photo taken by miles witt boyer

my grandparents (see them in the locket?) were two of my favorite people in the world. my mom's mom and my dad's dad were the only grandparents i grew up with and i hold such great memories of them. my grandma lived 20 feet or so in front of us so she was a constant presence in our lives. she was warm & funny & caring & one of the most Godly woman i have EVER come across. she sat in her corner chair every morning with a cup of coffee and her Bible...it's one of my favorite memories. my grandpa lived up in minnesota and was a pillar of strength in our family. he taught our whole family so much and is missed so, so much. thanks, grandpa, for the reminder "to keep up the good work." won't let you down on that one.

they both taught me SO much. they invested in all of their grandkids. they loved without measure. a locket is such a small way to keep them present in my life, but this pretty necklace does the trick right now. oh, and the pretty, little bird just makes me happy!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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