October 27, 2011

inspiration workshop: favorite recipe.

where does one even start when trying to decide on a favorite recipe? i've got so, so, so many that have been passed down from our mommas (& grandmas). we cover most genres--italian is a favorite, as is mexican--we make mean fajitas and enchiladas. i'm working on perfecting several chicken dishes and can rock desserts like you wouldn't believe (ok, well, not really all the time, but the majority of them are WAY yummy).

pinterest is coming is handy for a post like todays, because, well, i never take pictures of the food that is created in our kitchen. i'm making a pact now--more pictures will be taken from now on. i'm so on board with trying new things and these are ALL going on my list. hello, good eating.

these ham & cheese bites look oh, so fab.
they are going on my list of things to try.
found here via here.

with winter right around the corner, crockpot meals are a must.
this prep work HAS got to be the way to go!
found here via here.

pumpkin pull-apart bread? sign me up.
found here via here.

hello, YUM.
making these this weekend for sure. the hubs is going to LOVE me.
found here via here.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. I made the pumpkin pull-apart bread, and that is my recipe for the workshop! Oh, it is DIVINE. Seriously.