October 29, 2011

what a beautiful mess.

we've got a lazy saturday going on over here in our little corner of oklahoma. hot cinnamon biscuits for breakfast, quick list of errands checked off, and an afternoon full of football. thankful today for the hogs win-a nailbitter for sure-but it was a win none the less. the hubs & i were on pins & needles for most of it. we're living in a bit of a hectic time right now but are grateful for days like today with very little that must get done.

looking forward to a sweet time in church tomorrow with good friends & having a bit more down time in preparation for the coming week. it's a reunion of the besties this week + a trip to fayetteville + a hogs game-so i'd say this is going to make for one amazing time, wouldn't you?

ok, i'm off to enjoy the rest of my afternoon.
my ptljcif favorites are below & xuan's are here. happy weekend!

so excited that colder weather is here for THIS reason.
my cute friend, ali, made me a similar headwrap & i can't wait to wear it!
found here via here.

scarves are back too & that makes me giddy.
found here (i think!) via here.

cold weather brings thoughts of minnesota.
hello, lovely. we'll meet again soon, promise.
found here via here.

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