October 13, 2011

inspiration workshop: red.

it's funny that six (+) years ago, i had an impartial feeling towards the color red. six years ago, i was a scared freshman walking onto a campus of 20,000. six years ago, i was still a cougar at heart (still am, don't worry) and loved green & black. six years ago, i became a razorback (forever & always). such a significant change in my life in SO many ways. i grew up in fayetteville. i became an adult. i made life long friends. i met my husband. arkansas holds a very special place in my heart. arkansas bleeds crimson & black (mix some grey in, please & thanks!). i'm a razorback...therefore, red is a favorite. cheesy, sure, but oh, so true.

if you look around our home, you'll find cute razorback plates (with splashes of red). you'll find red shirts in every drawer and in every closet. you'll find red toms on my christmas wishlist. you'll see red accents here & there. you'll see a gameday bucket in the corner & a "how to really be a razorback" plaque in our office. someday soon, we WILL have an entire room dedicated to this special place. i promise.

found here.

a little red is ok, right?
found here via here.

found here.

arkanas pride runs deep. six years in & i'm hooked. can't wait to pass on the razorback love to our littles someday.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. Too funny...with the school/team spirit...we also have it with my son having graduated from NC State and their Wolverines mascot and colors being red/black/white! Never even made the association for this weeks RED post till reading your! Have a wonderful weekend, fondly, Roberta