October 15, 2011

to the finish.

i like to think that i'm a goal oriented person. if it's on my list, it gets done. sometimes my lists (like today) are much, much longer. they hold so many things that i want to finish but just don't have the time in a day (or a weekend). frustration sets in & i tend to beat myself up for things i probably shouldn't. human nature? sure. worthwhile? no. so, new goal here: make priorities. hold to them. see them through & then move on to a new one. let's see if this works, k?!

priorities for today: grocery shopping. fabric shopping. laundry. sewing. done & done. i've got a presh baby bag in the final stages & can't wait to show it you on monday. flower headbands will be finished for friends. my hubs will have yummy food to eat this week & clean clothes. yes & yes.

some pretties found around the web this week make up my ptljcif. xuan is in chicago this weekend-happy travels, dear friend-be sure to check in for hers too!

such beautiful colors.
found here.

oh.my.goodness. this is wonderful.
found here.

oh, so lovely.
found here via here.

happy weekend.

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