October 1, 2011

on your toes.

happy october! fall definitely feels more official with this turn of the calendar page (speaking of which, it's time to start the hunt for a cute one for the coming year!). my fall decorations might very well make an appearance this weekend--pumpkins and pilgrims definitely need to come out of hiding, right?

learning to stay on my toes lately. preparing for things goes a long way, but there is definitely something to be said about being ready for the unknown. for those things that pop up out of the blue-the things that come flying in from left field. being ready to face them head on and take care of them successfully.

oh, Lord. You do know how to keep it interesting. much thanks.

ready for some pretties this slow saturday morning? grab your coffee & read on!
xuan's weekly edition is one of my faves. be sure to check it out!

with some fun changes on the horizon, this little tutorial is going to come in VERY handy. how fun would this shade look in a cute breakfast nook?

i'm ALL about this.
found here via here.

hello, pretty. the color. the shape. YES. come live in my cupboards.
my daily coffee would taste SO much better in this mug.
found here via here.

this is SO going into our place. the windows are in my care right now.
seriously. audra, this is happening thanks to you!

ok. i know that everyone has seen this video, but it made another appearance on tv this past week. yall, my children will do this if the hubs has ANYTHING to say about it. not kidding. i probably won't complain because it's just too darn cute.

(p.s. razorbacks, puhlease, stay on your toes today.)

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  1. I'm a little behind on my reading, so I just saw this and I can't wait to see what you do with those windows! Keep me posted!