September 29, 2011

inspiration workshop: favorite DIY.

hello, thursday! inspiration workshop is back for another week & once again,
i'm linking up with gussysews. this week, the prompt: favorite DIY.

yall. if you know anything about me, you know i love a good DIY. i'm all over trying something fun & crafty--even if sometimes it doesn't turn out--that's half the fun!

one of my favorite projects from this past year was the transformation of this sad, little stool into something that just popped! after a fresh coat of paint, i arranged some of my scraps of fabric out & got to modge podging away! absolutely LOVE the outcome.

my jewelry holder might also top my list of fave DIY projects.
a little paint & hot glue goes a LONG way.

this little project is definitely on my radar. i've been saving all of our jelly jars,
frappacinno glasses, and, yes, mason jars for this very reason!

found here via here.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. Cu-ute! That stool looks amazing. Great idea :)