October 17, 2011

sweet, sweet baby.

yall. i'm just in love. this was one of my most favorite projects yet. my sweet cousin, sar, is having baby #2 this december (i'm hoping for the 18th, so that we can share a birthday!). she was looking for a bag that would allow her to carry everything for baby + toddler + mama AND something that would still be cute for her to tote around town. i think we might have nailed it, sar! we've got long straps. polka dots. room for anything & everything. LOVE.

green flowers. long straps. side pockets to store keys & phones & sippy cups.

polka dot lining. 3 pockets. roomy interior.

so, so pretty, yes? it's heading up north soon!

1 comment:

  1. Um...I need one and I don't even have a reason for one!