September 10, 2011

barefoot blue jean night.

short on words this morning.
maybe it's because i have a full belly of pancakes & sausage.
or that my coffee hasn't fully kicked in this morning.
in any case, words aren't really coming today.

i had the chance to work on some personal crafty projects (thanks to a
pinterest addiction) this past week for the first time in a LONG time.
super excited about the results & will share this coming week.
i could literally spend hours on this fab site.
it's where most of my inspiration comes from these days!

don't forget to check out the super sweet xuan's edition of ptljcif, k?

in LOVE with this outfit & the fact that i can actually wear this RIGHT now.
white tees, cardis, & jeans are my go-to outfit (ditto for the bestie). we LOVE it.
found here via here.

really loving this color combination.
and the variety of bowls? wonderful.
found here via here.

on the menu for today? brownies, duh.
football food for sure.
we've got plans to watch most of the major games today & we're pumped.
found here via here.

speaking of football, how perfect is this for a razorback game? seriously, presh.
(xuannie, we're adding this to our hog DIY date, k?)
found here via here.

happy saturday. enjoy your day, k?

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