September 12, 2011

monday, monday.

is it just me or do yall sing that song too?
it nevers fails--i sing the chorus (softly) to myself.
it's a good thing you can't hear it-hello, tone deaf.
ask my sister. she'll tell you.

aaand, moving on.
we've got a quiet monday night ahead of us.
the u.s. open just wrapped up & there will be some hulu
catching up going on in just a few.

last week (thanks to a long labor day weekend), i was able to
finish up some long-awaited craft projects.
it's been ages since i have had some extra time to work on some
personal projects & i loved every second of it.
hope you do too!

i posted this picture ages ago.

best deal EVER at my fave flea market.

i never really knew what i would do with it-it was just a great buy.
thank goodness, pinterest (and images like this) came into my life.

this is the end result.

ignore the fact that i'm OUTSIDE with a jewelry box.
there is just NO good light inside.
compartments for everything. LOVE.

i went with a more neutral color (creamy french vanilla craft paint)
because at some point, it's going to pop off of a painted (not apartment white) wall.

my other project also came from pinterest.
seriously, what did we do before this addiction came along?

easy peasy.
olive green and so fun.

did you have any fun weekend projects?
do share!

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