September 8, 2011

inspiring books.

thanks to a new-to-me (apparently, i have been under a rock) blog feature,
thursday posts will now be a part of gussy sews inspiration workshop link party.

this week's prompt: INSPIRING BOOKS.

oh my. where do i even start? this is just about the most perfect prompt for me.
my parents decided not to send me to kindergarten way back when, but instead, to keep me home until first grade. reading probably wasn't my strong point going
into school, but i had the most AMAZING teacher who jumped right in with us.
needless to say, after a day or two, i was reading & reading & reading.
seriously, i devoured books as fast as i could get my hands on them.

my claim to fame? reading the little house on the praire series SEVEN times.
also on my list: the babysitters club series, the saddle club series,
the boxcar children, nancy drew, hardy boys,  & the mandie series.
those are just my list could go on & on.
i've read hundreds of books thanks to my family owning a bookstore &
a momma who passed on her love of reading.

found here.

i dream of owning my own bookstore & coffeehouse.
floor to ceiling shelves full of books.
oh, & the ladder that runs on a track around the room.
fireplaces in every room.
tasty coffee to sip on while reading.

found here via here.

books are my escape.
they allow me to run away to another time & place.
to enjoy someone else's life.
to lose myself in adventures & trials & wonderfulness.

found here via here.

love. love. love.

excited for the coming weeks of inspiration thanks to gussy!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. YES! my grandma started it back in the 1940's. 60+ years later, it's still going strong!