September 19, 2011

only love remains.

yesterday afternoon was just the perfect time to get some sewing done. windows were opened, football was playing in the background, and our brownies were baking in the oven. don't judge, but i so didn't wait for them to cool down. totally dug in with a fork before they even had a chance to cool. hello, yumminess.

aaand, back to sewing. i've had a new product idea in mind for a while now and i'm happy to say it turned out just like i wanted it too! these little clutches are a smaller version of my make-up bags, but can definitely be made larger or smaller based on YOUR needs. the bow just kills me.
so fun. so easy. so wonderful. lovin' this new addition to my line.

purple + swirls. lovely.
great for storing receipts, checkbooks, cosmetics, etc.

plaid love.

interested in one? it might just be the best $12 you've ever spent. send me an email for details. christmas is right around the corner (eek!)--what a fun gift for your momma, sister, friend, or girlfriend!

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