September 15, 2011

inspiration workshop: favorite shop.

i'm linking up with gussy for her inspiration workshop today!
this week's prompt? oh yes, our favorite shops.

i've spent most of my day thinking this post through.
shops have flitted in & out of my mind and i'm finding it
hard to narrow it down to just a handful.
i'd count this as a good problem, wouldn't you?!

ok. let's start with this one.
the kitchen store can be found in lovely conway, arkansas.
i HEART this store.
if we're at home with my in-laws, you can bet i will be making a trip to this fab store.
they have the best dinnerware...we couldn't NOT register here.
oh, and don't even worry-they have plenty of razorback items
to meet every one of my wishes.
and yes, we have 75% of them.

see? razorback central.
totally getting that placque for our future home.
found here.

next up? target.
hello, wonderfulness in ONE store.
fun clothes. super cute housewares. LOVE.
the bestie & i make it a point to always, always stop by when we are together.

found here.

ending with a favorite flea market in oklahoma.
if you live near tulsa, yall HAVE to stop by.
i've found such great goodies here--& their inventory changes fairly
frequently so there is always something new to hunt down.
i'm just itching to go back--my pyrex collection doesn't want to stop growing.

by the way, can i please have a bike like this someday?
found here.

 Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

happy thursday!

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