September 17, 2011

the world spins madly on.

the last two days have been absolutely wonderful. dreary, rainy, & chilly (ok, so 60ish degrees isn't cold by any means, but after a summer of endless 100+ degree days, 60 felt chilly). i got to pull out my scarves & boots--the end result? comfy cozy. & coming home? that meant sweats & long sleeves & sleeping with more than a thin sheet. hello, wonderful.

fall is here. football is in full swing (that means halftime dates with my football buddies--not too mention watching a part of any televised game--hello, fanatic). pumpkin flavored goodies are back. long sleeves & cardis & scarves are finally comfortable to wear. it is oh, so lovely.

no surprise that with fall on the brain, my ptljcif picks for the week revolve around this subject. be sure to visit xuan's blog for a peek into her picks for the week, ok?

soup just screams fall to me--case in point, we've had soup the past two nights.
this recipe looks oh so yummy. pioneer woman is my fave-seriously, want to just be friends with her.

yum, yum, yum. i've already made something similar this past week & need more asap.
found the recipe here via here.

starbucks MUST serve their yummy pumpkin spice lattes in these fab mugs.
i would be there ALL the time.
found here.

comfy-check. cozy-check. wonderful-YES.
found here via here.

thanks for indulging me in my fall faves. just got all warm & cozy gathering the pictures together. oh, fall, you are here. you are wonderful. thanks oh so much. now i'm off to buy donuts to surprise the husband. happy saturday!

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